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Bringing hope and freedom to those trapped in the darkest places of the sex trade.

Creating change in the realm of human trafficking is far simpler than people realize – all it takes is awareness of the issue, willingness to go to the problem and resilience to walk alongside survivors through their healing process.





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“Human trafficking thrives in plain sight. I know this to be true because I am a real person, and my name is Jessica...

...Most times I feel invisible. As I stand on the street corner with my pimp watching me from down the block, I feel nothing. I guess you can only feel hopeless for so long until it all fades away and you simply feel numb. I wasn’t always like this. I was a good kid…

and my boyfriend seemed like a good guy. Reflecting on the past two years, I cannot tell you how I got here. All I know is that my boyfriend is not who I thought he was, I no longer recognize myself and there must be something more than this. Of all the cars that drive by me every day – can anyone see me?

In an instant everything changes. A car pulls up, two women get out and I feel hesitant, exposed and uncomfortable as they approach me.

But their smiles draw me in. I look back at my trafficker-boyfriend and give him a nod letting him know I need a minute and step toward these women to ask what they’re looking for. Surprised by their authenticity and lack of judgment, these women meet me where I’m at. No pretense. No games. They seem to genuinely want to know about my situation and how they can make it better.

I find I cannot help but want to talk with them more, and I know my boyfriend will not approve of any more wasted time. I push them away even though I don’t want to. I tell them they must go, and I work to flag down the next passing vehicle to appease the watchful eye down the block.”

Jessica contacted us the day after her encounter. She asked if we could help her leave her trafficker to begin a new life. Thanks to Finding Jasper volunteers, resources provided by the local community and financial support of our donors, we were able to rescue Jessica from human trafficking and relocate her to a safe home. There she was able to begin her healing journey to freedom.

Finding Jasper worked with local authorities to build a case against her trafficker which resulted in his arrest.

The average cost of rescuing one survivor from sex trafficking is $1,800—which includes everything from the first interaction to the victim's actual rescue and relocation.

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This space is for urgent needs as they arise.


The truth is that sex trafficking is real. It impacts every age and demographic, and it thrives in America.

Human trafficking is filled with unspeakable horrors. The traffickers perpetrating violence and facilitating exploitation depend upon a society that chooses to look the other way. Finding Jasper exists to change that by looking right at the issue—rescuing children, women and men from sex trafficking and getting them on the road to healing.


In Matthew 28:19 Jesus commands us to “GO!” and it is our mission to be obedient to His command. We believe meeting people where they are at with the love and truth of the Kingdom of Heaven has significant impact—both physical and eternal.

The gospel changes everything.

Therefore, we bring the gospel to the heart of the darkest places of the sex trade. Our team offers training to educate, equip and empower others to bring hope and freedom to the sex trade.

Finding Jasper holds in-person or online training for community groups, parent groups, schools and churches.

Our proprietary training is simple and accessible to all individuals in the community regardless of background.

The trainings we offer include:

• Human Trafficking Awareness & Empowerment

• Street Outreach

• Online Outreach

• Club Outreach

• Brothel Outreach

• Community Awareness Outreach

• Trauma

• Situational Awareness

• Self Defense and Surveillance

• Medical Trauma Response

Additional training focused on online safety for adults and children, dealing with trauma and PTS, direct outreach and rescue, and safe house operations.

Interested in training or starting an outreach team in your area?


Outreach &

Rescue Teams

Finding Jasper teams directly engage the sex trade through various methods of outreach. We seek to meet those caught in the industry where they are, and offer immediate opportunities for safety and to leave their current lifestyle.

Direct outreach—street, online, club, brothel. Rescue training—tailored specifically to each audience. Both bring hope and freedom to as many survivors as possible.

Local churches and community groups, with an understanding of the impacts of complex trauma, make excellent partners in direct outreach and engagement activities. As well as personally assisting survivors as they await placement in a safe house.

The light shines brightest in the dark, so into the dark we go. The question is, are you coming with us?


Join us and be the rescue to women like Jessica. We'll send you the latest information on everything happening in the Finding Jasper community.

About Finding Jasper

Humility, integrity and leading with authentic love

Like jasper, each child, woman and man is precious in the eyes of the God who created them. We believe those trapped in the darkness of the sex trade deserve to experience the true beauty and freedom of life outside the emotional, mental, and physical abuse of human trafficking.

We pass no judgment on the trafficked or traffickers. Rather, we exist to offer hope and freedom to every single individual enslaved in the sex trade regardless of their history or apparent status in the industry.

Our mission is to find jasper—searching the darkness and seeking out the precious ones, to offer them hope, freedom and a new life.

In the Bible's Book of Revelation, Jasper is referred to as the most precious stone. The One seated on the throne is said to have the appearance of jasper.


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Finding Jasper is a 508(c)1(a) faith-based organization committed to the eradication of human trafficking through equipping the local community in awareness and prevention, engaging the sex trade directly to offer effective solutions and empowering survivors to walk in freedom.

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